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Well this was an unexpected great find........I flushed my keys down the company toilet the first day on my new job. UGH!!!
AAA told me to tow the car to the dealer, who informed me that it would be $550 for a new remote key and take 3 hours to reprogram my cars computer. I was told by several locksmiths that I had no other choice, but then someone told me to call Quick Mobile. David said he could do it "No Problem" in about 20 minutes.
Honestly I didn't believe him because when I called the dealer, they told me he must be a scam. It couldn't be done without reprogramming the cars computer.
Well, David showed up at the dealer, made a replacement key and a remote key just like I had, for a lot less money.
I only wish I had called him first, and it could have been done at my office.
David was kind and gracious as well.

Put his number in your contact list cause....Ya never know.......Lisa

Lisa B. - Temecula, CA


“As a dealership, we've had an excellent experience with David from Quick Mobile. He's professional, reliable and honest - and always gives us the best price! It's gotten to the point where we get all our keys made with him. Even customers we've sent his way tell us the same thing. He goes out of his way to take care of his customer!

Petra Auto Sale - Bellflower, CA​



David did an outstanding job today replacing my remote and my car key. He came to my job, and worked really hard at replacing everything. I only had a valet key left and he was able to create another real key! He worked quickly and responsibly and his price was less than half of what it would've been had the dealer done it. Plus he came to me. I will refer him to everyone I know for car key needs. He was wonderful and saved the day. Sincerely, Crystal O.

Crystal - Anaheim , CA



I called because I forgot my keys in the trunk of the car and they sent someone out immediately. He was very friendly and explained to me all the procedureshe took and asked for everything before starting something. He opened the car very quickly and left no damages. I would definitley recommend this company to anyone. 

Mohamed - Huntington Beach, CA










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